Serenity Motorhomes

You'll never never know if you never never go!

Serenity motorhomes have more luxuries and upgraded suspension making your trip truly comfortable. Solar panels boost power so you can Free Camp with no real need of  caravan parks. With shower and toilet, pillow top mattress, central heating, LED TV/DVD, cooking facilies and even a slide out barbeque you can travel at your own pace. Enjoy the quiet times in the outback or by the seaside, or stay in and enjoy widescreen LED/DVD TV.

Load up the evening before rental starts at no extra charge and get an early start! No unpacking suitcases each day; everything is where you need it to be, at your fingertips. We deliver to the airport, hotel or your door!

Rental from $130 per day with a fully featured motorhome on a long term rental in low season. Conditions apply. Please contact us for a quote. >> Enquire Now !!


Leave from Home, Hotel or Airport and Drop off Anywhere!

At Serenity we make Motorhome, RV and campervan rental easy. By delivering to the airport , hotel or your home, there are no expensive taxi fees and no waiting around. We will pick you up and show you how to operate everything, then you can pack everything in and you are in underway on your motorhome holiday.

No more living out of suitcases! Stay where you want, cook when you want, party anytime.

  • Australia is a big place and you can drop off in most cities.
  • Please ask when booking, so you know the pickup or drop off charge.

Please ask for a quote at any time - quick reference price guide .

1542 Alice Springs                
2063 3012 Brisbane              
3143 2324 1717 Cairns            
3053 1511 3415 2727 Darwin          
728 2270 1674 3054 3871 Melbourne        
2724 3630 4384 5954 4045 3452 Perth      
1420 2644 996 2546 4000 868 4144 Sydney    
2525 2096 1467 374 2556 2857 5728 2494 Townsville  
4288 2746 4650 3962 1865 5016 2250 5234 3380 Broome

Serenity Motorhome Pickup and Drop off
Melbourne airport shuttle bus ‘Skybus’;leaves every 10 min express to Melbourne Southern Cross Station where the Bendigo train leaves hourly and takes less than 2 hours. A bus also runs  direct to Bendigo from the Melbourne Airport and arrives at Bendigo Train Station. Bendigo pickup is no extra charge and we can pick you up. Pack the motorhome at leisure and even leave your cases here until you return. If coming by car you can park here if you wish.

Melbourne $200 Sydney $990
Adelaide $890 Brisbane $1090
Gold Coast $1090 Sunshine Coast $1090
Devonport $890 Hobart $990
Other locations ask for a personal quote


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