Serenity Motorhomes

Affordable Luxury Motorhome Rental
366 - 372 High Street, Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo. Victoria.  

Serenity Motorhome Holidays is proudly an Australian owned and operated family business.

Serenity Motorhomes brings Motorhome, RV and Campervan Rental to Central Victoria! Our personalised service and attention to detail attracts local, interstate and international customers, who are keen to support us. We appreciate and value customer support and we are proud that we can do this from central Victoria!

We keep our vehicles pristine; every vehicle is driven by us each time it returns. It is assesed both inside and out and then detailed thoroughly. We own them and we look after them. Because of our personal hands on approach to maintenance and presentation, everything is spotlessly clean and works as it should.

We supply modern Australian Jayco Motorhomes, Suncamper Vans and UK Auto-Trail Motorhomes which are manufactured with better insulation and quality finishes and it shows!

Why travel to a capital city when you can rent or buy a fully featured Motorhome, RV or Campervan here. We can personally deliver almost anywhere and regularly deliver to Melbourne Airport.

Our aim is to make your self drive holiday a very affordable, enjoyable and memorable experience.

Travel at your own pace and enjoy your holiday with new destinations and beautiful scenery every day, free from the stress of finding accommodation or packing and unpacking. Wake up by beautiful beaches, listen to waves and take a swim, or camp by a clear blue mountain stream and go fishing. Cook up a yummy breakfast or go to a seaside cafe! The possibilities are endless and we provide maps and tourism information on request.

Contact us anytime; there are no hidden costs and we are happy to provide a detailed personal quote for you without obligation. We can also help you plan you trip, so please ask us if there is anything you are unsure of!

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